Star Wars: Card Game

Star Wars: Card Game is a JavaScript game I wrote for the course Casual Games at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. I’ve been always a huge fan of board games and at the time, I was also a big fan of Hearthstone, so I’ve decided to write my own card game. Choosing Star Wars as the main theme seemed to be an obvious choice: first of all, I love Star Wars, and second, I could easily find a lot of resources for the game.

Unfortunately when I moved the game to a new repo for cleaning purposes, I failed to check-in the assets folder of the game, and as a result I’ve lost all the graphics and sounds of the game. However I didn’t want to let this relic disappear in the void, so I’ve spent a couple of hours trying to replicate the original version and bring the code back to a playable level.



The rules

I’d like to give a few words about the rules, as they are not very well explained in the game.