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URL and cookie safe UIDs

Create cryptographically secure UIDs safe for both cookie and URL usage. This is in contrast to modules such as rand-token and uid2 whose UIDs are actually skewed due to the use of % and unnecessarily truncate the UID. Use this if you could still use UIDs with - and _ in them.


$ npm install uid-safe


var uid = require('uid-safe')

uid(byteLength, callback)

Asynchronously create a UID with a specific byte length. Because base64 encoding is used underneath, this is not the string length. For example, to create a UID of length 24, you want a byte length of 18.

uid(18, function (err, string) {
  if (err) throw err
  // do something with the string


Asynchronously create a UID with a specific byte length and return a Promise.

Note: To use promises in Node.js prior to 0.12, promises must be “polyfilled” using global.Promise = require('bluebird').

uid(18).then(function (string) {
  // do something with the string


A synchronous version of above.

var string = uid.sync(18)